At Midwest Supply and Maintenance, we owe our success to a simply philosophy:
We will completely satisfy our customers by making their priorities our priorities.

Midwest Supply and Maintenance will develop a customized package that serves your facilities' needs, preserving your business investment.

We believe a well-maintained building is just like a healthy body - reliable for peak performance. Midwest Supply and Maintenance treasures the relationships we build with our customers.

We encourage clients to interact with our staff to make sure the services that we are performing are up to their specifications.

We don't just talk about accountability...
Midwest has systems in place to make sure our commitments to our customers our kept. This is done through Quality measures such as our Nightly Checklists and Quarterly Surveys.

Our quarterly surveys are sent out for your completion 4 times per year to ensure our commitment to you is met. [ Download the Survey ]

Out nightly checklists are a quality measure used by our staff as a 2nd check to ensure all areas have been addressed.

* Carpet Care
* Ceramic Tile
* Industrial/Commercial Floor Coatings
* Marble, Granite, and Misc. Stone Floors
* Wood Floor Maintenance
* VCT Floor Maintenance

Construction Services include design and build capabilities, design layout/engineering - working to help ensure that a facility is properly utilizing its square footage, especially in these economic times painting service (maintenance programs).

At Midwest Supply and Maintenance, we take pride in knowing that our services enable our clients to work efficiently and effectively, without downtime due to facility issues. In order to keep your business running smoothly, we also offer other services, such as shipping and receiving handling.

* Our staff will distribute deliveries within your organization, so that packages go directly to the receiver, without cluttering your office.
* We will maintain copy paper and fax paper supplies so that your technical equipment supports your efforts, instead of slowing them down.
* We will maintain paper product supplies in restrooms, keeping the area tidy and neat.
* We will also create custom services to handle the supply bottlenecks that are unique to your office environment.

Helping you manage your ISO 14001 compliance

* Recycling Program
* Secondary Containment
* Spill Control Systems

Additional environmental consulting available

Giving our customers the advantage of 25 years of facility services experience and the most competitive prices for their facilities translating into extensive value including:

  • Preventative maintenance programs to help ensure and preserve value
  • Comprehensive Facility programs – Full Facility Service Programs, Operating Cost Audits (Cost Reduction Programs/Strategies), Energy audits, Facility audits (Services needed & frequency), Safety audits, GreenBuilding – LEED Support, etc.

Any of these services can be added to our regular scheduled maintenance program by request or per specified schedule.

  • Mat Service
  • Day Porter/ Matron Service
  • Window Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaning
  • Ceiling and Vent Cleaning-Air Quality Maintenance
  • Ceiling Maintenance
  • Light Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Wall Restoration and Repair
  • Wall Washing
  • Carpet Installation

It's easier to keep soil out than to remove it. But to keep soil out, you need a plan...

Keeping soil out is considerably easier and less expensive than removing it after it has been ground into the carpet. The professionals at Midwest Supply and Maintenance will work with your building manager to create a smart maintenance plan which pre-empts soil and other maintenance problems.

Some of the areas we evaluate include:

  • Outside maintenance to minimize the immediate sources of soil around the perimeter of the building. If sidewalks, parking lots and garages adjacent to the building, are free of dirt and salt, the building sustains less internal wear-and-tear.
  • Soil barriers such as walk-off mats, grates and removable elevator carpets help collect soil before it can be tracked throughout the building.
  • Chair pads under desk chairs prevent casters from grinding in soil over and over again.
  • Restricted areas for eating, drinking and smoking help keep some difficult kinds of soil confined to specific areas.
  • HVAC maintenance should include replacing or cleaning filters on air-handling equipment on a regular basis to remove airborne particles before they are circulated again and again.
  • OTN/HEAD End/Computer Room Etc. maintenance and support – Support to ensure that the areas are maintained to your companies standard to prevent any interruptions or issues.



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Janitorial Services  
  Midwest Supply and Maintenance will develop a customized package that serves your facilities' needs, preserving your business investment.  
Facility Management  
  One of the advantages of working with Midwest Supply and Maintenance is our Single Source servicing. We offer all of the services to manage your facility at the highest level.  

Midwest Supply & Maintenance Company
Is unparalleled in the industry. Our entire dedicated staff shares the philosophy that customers satisfaction is a number one priority.

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